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Specialty skis require precision maintenance. Today's skis have specific tolerances, including edge bevels, base structures and edge finishes that are designed to increase the performance and skiability of the ski. We offer experienced Wintersteiger-trained technicians who have the ability to recreate these factory specifications using state of the art equipment. Our investment in current technology will ensure your enjoyment on the snow.

Our Wintersteiger Microjet Pro is a fully automated, computer controlled machine that allows provides accurate base grinding by belt and stone. This 19.5 foot long machine provides the ability to work on any ski type, and provides infinite adjustment of variables that ultimately affect the performance of the ski. Another advantage is guaranteed consistency from tune to tune, a feature that our season tune customers will benefit from.

The Wintesteiger Trim Disc 71 provides automatic side and base edge ceramic disc finishing. This process is used by all reputable manufacturers and duplicates the finish on the edge when it is new. The advantages of this process include precise edge geometry and bevel angle along the entire length of the ski and a fine, smooth edge surface. The result is that you will feel better edge grip on icy days, better turning characteristics and enhanced performance. Your edges will also remain sharper longer.

The Waxjet 92 ensures proper wax penetration into the base material and provides a polished finish to the base, removing wax from the structure ensuring a smooth glide and proper maintenance of the base.

We also use a variety of other machines in our tuning process, including Wintersteiger's SNB350, a wide belt grinding machine, and Grindrite's ST500 providing accurate edge grinding, providing the ability to set accurate bevels for both the base or side edge.