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Jones Nomad Pro Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Jones Nomad Pro Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Jones Nomad Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Jones Nomad Universal Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

Jones Nomad Quick Tension Tail Clip Splitboard Skins

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The Jones Universal Climbing Skins offer the perfect balance of glide and grip. A blend of 70% Mohair and 30% synthetic nylon, the premium natural mohair fibers deliver unmatched glide in any snow condition because they remain soft and flexible at any temperature. The nylon fibers provide extra traction when the skin track gets steep or icy. Skin fibers are also coated with EVER DRY Anti-glopping treatment to improve performance in wet snow and keep your skins dry lap after lap.

The Universal Tail Clip is designed to keep skins locked on in the most challenging snow conditions. The clip anchors on both the inner edge and outside tail edge and provides adjustable skin tension using the attached stretcher strap. Four solid rivets anchor the stretcher strap to the skin. The Universal Tail Clip is compatible with all splitboard brands.

Material: Mohair & Nylon
Size: 170cm long, 140mm wide (Trim to fit)
  • Jones skins are treated with EVER DRY anti-glopping treatment. The coating keeps the skins from absorbing moisture and prevents snow/ice build-up under the skin.
  • Grip Tech skins are made with a special material that works well under dynamic tension and has a high resistance to twisting and abrasion.
  • Tail clip kit included to complete the ultimate skin set up.
  • Trim tool included.
  • Skins Package Includes: One pair skins /One pair Universal Tail Clips / Four Rivets / Two Backing Sheets / Skin Cutter / Skin Bag / Cheat Sheet.
  • Below information is for pre-cut skin sizing for 2016 and newer Jones Splitboards except Discovery:
  • Group A:
    Weight: 450gr. - 15.87oz
    W’s Solution 148,152,156 & Dream Catcher Split 145,148,151,154

    Group B:
    Weight: 460gr. - 16.23oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 158,161 & Solution 154,158,161

    Group C:
    Weight: 470gr. - 16.58oz
    Fits: Hovercraft Split 152,156 & Ultracraft Split 152,156 & Mind Expander Split 154,158

    Group D:
    Weight: 490gr. - 17.28oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 164 & Solution 164 & Aviator Split 156,160 & Explorer Split 152,156,159,162 & Mountain Twin Split 157,160,161w

    Group E:
    Weight: 510gr. - 17.99oz
    Fits: Hovercraft Split 160 & Ultracraft Split 160

    Group F:
    Weight: 530gr. - 18.70oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 162w & Solution 162w,166 & Aviator Split 164

    Group G:
    Weight: 550gr. - 19.40oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 165w & Solution 159w,165w & Explorer Split 158w,161w,164w

    Group H:
    Weight: 570gr. - 20.11oz
    Fits: Solution 169w

    Group I:
    Weight: 510gr. - 17.99oz
    Fits: Storm Chaser 147,152,157

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